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Name Paste & Juice
Type Manufacturer
Last update/Sq.Ft Paste & Juice Co. 1994/ 7,7227.50 m2
  P & J for juice and paste Co. 1999/ 3,689 m2
  Warehouse facilities/ 9,480 m2
Number of Employees Paste & Juice Co.and
  P & J for juice and paste Co.is 125
Shifts 2 (12 hours)
Lines Concentrates (tomatoes and fruits)

 P J 1 factory

P J 2 factory
Steam Jacketed Vacuum pane
Steam pane with 1.5 ton capacity per batch.




Pasteurization Unit  



Washing Tank
The tank through the unloading dock, feeds the rolling strainer conveyor into the factory.

Fresh fruits and tomato intake, drains the produce on a roller conveyor.
Pulp collection Tank Cooking Unit
Collect pulps, crushes it and pumps it into the cooking unit It screens all thick particles, skins...etc. Pre-heats pulp/juice to increase yield and reduce waste.



Condensing & Evaporating Aseptic Filling Head



Chiller Unit  
Coolling unit for water used in sterilization and in aroma collection as well. Coolling tower/ water cooler feeding the chiller and reducing water waste.  



PH unit: used to check CIP effectiveness after batch is processed.  
Latest News

P&J’s company policy and concept is to participate in major food events worldwide in order to meet its international customers face to face. We see exhibitions as an opportunity to expand our client base, get in touch with our competitors and get updated regarding new trends in the food market.

Gulfood Dubai 2017 Foodex Kenya 2016 Food Africa 2016 FI Europe